About Member Services

The Member Services area of the Wilson Banwell web site provides clients covered by Wilson Banwell benefit programs with secure, single sign-on access to a number of innovative online services. The information required for registration is kept entirely confidential and used only for eligibility confirmation or statistical purposes. Read our privacy policy here.

Our member services include the following:

Real-time online counselling

Wilson Banwell provides secure, private, online counselling sessions. To book an appointment for online counselling, clients are required to complete a short questionnaire found within the Member Services area.

Interactive eLearning courses

Wilson Banwell eLearning provides self-paced, private, and personalized learning experiences designed to improve personal health and well-being and/or workplace effectiveness.

Courses for personal change/self-improvement:
Courses for managers, supervisors, leaders:

Health & Wellness testing

The Health and Wellness Companion can be used to store personal and family health information for secure and confidential 24/7 access. The Health and Wellness Companion can also be used to evaluate hidden health risks through a series of interactive health risk assessments.

Health Library

The Health Library is a comprehensive library of medical information including tests and procedures, drug databases, and more, written by medical experts.

Child and Elder Care

The Child and Elder Care program provides information about personal and family care providers in Canada. This service can be used to generate customized online reports with in-depth service descriptions and provides instant access to quality checklists, financial aid information, advice, and more.


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