The 'just right' solution

For over three decades, employers and employees have benefited from Human Solutions™' ‘boutique’ approach. Our customers tell us we are the ‘just right’ solution - not so big that they feel lost amongst our clients and not so small that they worry about capacity.

Three Integrated Domains - employee, workplace & organizational

We take a three pronged approach to our work, focusing on the employee, workplace and organizational levels of each business. This enables us to provide services that focus on the 'total employee life cycle', from selection tools to performance management and succession planning to counselling support as well as prevention, recovery and return-to-work.

Our Vision

Founded in 1979, we are distinguished by our dedication to professional standards, our caring and desire to be of help, our human insight, responsiveness and our expertise and creativity.  This is rooted firmly in the behavioural sciences.  Our mission is to contribute to the health, wellness and functioning of client organizations through careful responses to the mental, social, workplace and health needs of their employees.  The values that guide our approach are:

  • Confidentiality - Information we acquire is strictly confidential.
  • Objectivity - We apply our influence without bias and maintain the distance necessary to encourage trust in our involvement
  • Human dignity - We operate in a manner that safeguards dignity and self-worth
  • Professionalism - We facilitate peer review and conduct services according to the standards of practice and code of ethics set down by provincial and federal licensing bodies