Proactive, integrated and complete behavioural health solutions for employees and the companies they work for.

Founded in 1979, Human Solutions™ prides itself on providing quality organizational health services to thousands of companies across Canada and around the world.  We are the 'just right' solution.

Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP)

Our unique solution-focused approach focuses on enabling individuals, couples and families to develop the skills necessary to solve their life problems without creating a long-term dependent counselling relationship. The goals of our short-term counselling model are:

  • To provide support and understanding for a wide range of issues
  • To train clients and their families in the development of coping skills
  • To educate clients and their families in self-management techniques
  • To provide ongoing management of cases referred elsewhere
  • To provide direct access to professional care when the need arises
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Workplace Support Services

These services are aimed at advancing the health and productivity of workplaces through evidenced-based education, behavior change, workplace development and health promotion.

Services are provided by Human Solutions™' Workplace Health and Development Group, comprised of talented professionals - practiced in the application of the behavioral sciences to the health and productivity of employees and their workplaces.

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Disability & Employee Health Management

Our Return-To-Work (RTW) offerings have recently expanded to include the full realm of hands-on disability management services (STD, WCB and LTD claims management).

In addition to our STD claims management, Human Solutions™ provides attendance management support services and depression care to ensure effective medical management of any identified health issues.

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