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Everybody needs help from time to time.

We all have personal and workplace challenges - Human Solutions™ is there for you and your business. We assist companies from the ground up, beginning with selecting the right employees and providing a comprehensive Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) or Integrated Disability Management (IDM). We provide end-to-end assistance, dedicated to nurturing the entire employee life cycle.

We can make an impact on your company.

Human Solutions™ is a recognized industry leader and pioneer in organizational health and employee wellness programs. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to advance the development and well-being of people and organizations.


Coping with the Emotional Aftereffects of the Tsunami

Responses to the tsunami generated by the earthquake in Japan will be felt across the country and across the globe. More...

Services that are Proactive, Integrated & Complete

From selection tools to prevention initiatives and Return-To-Work (RTW) programs - Human Solutions™ can help your organization achieve its health, wellness, and productivity goals.

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