Employee Health Management

Covering the full spectrum of disability management services.

Return-To-Work: Covering the full spectrum of services

Our Return-To-Work (RTW) offerings include the full realm of hands-on disability management and assessment services to aid in complex case management.

A seasoned team

We have a team of highly qualified Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) and case managers. Each case manager is dedicated to your organization and utilizes the case manager’s assessment skills and medical knowledge to develop an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan for each individual client.

A collaborative model

A team of health professionals comprised of the OHN case managers, psychologists and occupational physicians work together on complex case management to positively alter the outcome of illness and/or injury. In order to accomplish this, we believe it is critical to work collaboratively with the employee, employer (HR), the treating physician and other key stakeholders.

An integrated approach for costly mental disorder components

We offer an integrated approach to costly and complex claims such as those that have a mental nervous disorder component. We integrate our solutions with specialized substance abuse assessment and diagnosis as well as fitness to work assessments to aid in the adjudication of difficult and complex claims. We also offer a full program for mental health claims, which includes assessments and long-term treatment options.