Workplace Health Services

Aimed at improving work environments, employees and productivity.

Workplace Health Scan™ Survey

This survey measures workplace characteristics that predict employee health outcomes like depression and anxiety, and productivity outcomes like absenteeism and turnover.  Departmentalized results are available. Current health status modules are available regarding Canadian norms.

The Respectful Workplace Program

A five-hour program for workgroups that experience issues dealing with harassment, bullying, or other potentially unproductive and harmful behaviour.  The program educates, informs and aligns views on disrespectful and respectful behaviour. A collaborative code of conduct is developed and follow-up documentation is provided.

The Healthy Workplace Enterprise™

This program educates, informs and builds a common view of a healthy workplace.  The program is customized for every workplace and can accommodate 8 to 80 participants. Measurement based planning, priority setting and implementation of new workplace practices that improve health are contained within the program.  Education, planning and implementation sessions are offered over a 3 to 6 month period.

The Team Achievement Program

A highly interactive and entertaining full day activity based workshop.  Team roles and individual contributions to group success is explored. Application of creative modules to increase innovation and productive thinking is achieved.  This program is ideal for teams of no more than eight people and up to three teams in attendance for each facilitator.

Conflict Resolution

Human Solutions™ conflict resolution involves intervention into unresolved conflict between individuals or groups in the workplace. Values-based resolution structures are aimed at defining an agreed to and committed basis for working together productively.