Global Access to Human Solutions™' Services

Human Solutions™ offers a complete suite of global services, expatriate support, both with-in country counselling and  full pre-departure assessments, EFAP and CSM for locally engaged employees and a full suite of aligned cross-border services through our partner, Chestnut Global.

Crisis Management Services Overseas

In 1982, Human Solutions™ became the first Canadian EFAP provider to introduce trauma and victim assistance services. These developed in response to the growing awareness of the impact that workplace crisis and employee victimization can have on employees and the organization. Overseas deployment of CMS professionals can be included in any expatriate approach. Human Solutions™ has the capacity to appear on-site anywhere in the world and provide group and/or individual crisis defusing and debriefing. If required, referral services to additional emergency services will be arranged. We also follow-up our crisis interventions by providing post traumatic stress counselling for victims of their anxiety.