Depression Care

Assistance that is innovative & comprehensive.

In recognition of the increasing incidence of serious mental health issues within employee populations, Human Solutions is pleased to offer an innovative, comprehensive depression care approach to treating those members presenting to the EAP with a diagnosis of clinical depression. Each case is treated within the mid to long term cognitive behavioural therapy. The expectation is that these individuals will receive 12 - 20 sessions of counselling, and that the counsellor will liaise and consult with the individual’s treating physician and the disability case manager, where appropriate. The benefits of this is service is that plan members will receive the treatment that they need without the delay of referrals. Studies show that accurate diagnosis early in the disease state has a significant impact on successful recovery and return to normal functioning. This will have positive and lasting impacts not only to the individual in treatment, but to you as the employer.


  • Human Solutions counsellor can deliver personalized sessions using proven counselling techniques to address depression and liaise and consult with an individual's treating physician
  • Optional Diagnosis or Diagnosis Confirmation can be purchased along with the long Term treatment