Fitness-to-Work (FTW) Evaluations

Improving functioning & achieving a successful return to work.

Fitness-To-Work Services focus on an employee’s psychological fitness to be at work or to return to work from a leave. Objective assessment and evidence-based recommendations help you manage absenteeism and short-term disability claims and develop shared employer/employee goals for improving functioning and achieving a successful return to work.

Key Benefits

1. Comprehensive Reporting

Fitness-To-Work reports are detailed and specific, providing you and the employee with a better understanding of the employee’s psychological concerns, psychological fitness-to-work, treatment recommendations, and plans for accommodation. Registered Psychologists conduct the psychological evaluations, including a clinical interview and psychometric testing.

2. Actionable Recommendations

Recommendations assist employees in addressing their psychological concerns and improving functioning within the workplace.These recommendations determine the focus of return-to-work psychotherapy or treatment through other settings.

3. Focus on Return-To-Work (RTW)

Our services recognize that early return to work contributes to an individual’s sense of well-being. We also recognize the high value of a previously trained and experienced employee who, once healthy, can contribute to the health and productivity of your organization.