Substance Abuse Assessment & Relapse Prevention

Certified expertise and evidence-based recommendations for treatment, accommodation & relapse prevention.

Our specialized assessment and support services are aimed at determining the level of harmful use, abuse, and dependency related to the use of alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs. Human Solutions™ provides the certified expertise and evidence-based recommendations for treatment, accommodation and relapse prevention.

Our clinical services provide the vehicle for ensuring the health and safety of employees by providing third-party expertise, professional and experienced evaluation. For our customers we provide current and highly defensible clinical protocols and reporting to support employee health and protect the health and safety of the workplace.

Optimal Case Management

Each individual’s abuse or dependency occurs in a different historical, psycho-social and neuro-psychological context. Based on this context, our recommendations focus on the most suitable, integrated course of action for the individual to achieve the best possible health outcome.

Human Solutions™ also has a comprehensive Follow-up/Relapse Prevention Protocol that can be applied post-treatment as a means of assuring abstinence compliance. This plan is extensive and based upon effective treatment planning and recovery processes.

Our model is abstinence and medically based. It is inclusive of 12-step recovery models. Our goal is to treat not only the individual but also all other aspects of functioning that can be enmeshed with this disorder: physical, psychological, behavioural, emotional and spiritual. Our focus is specifically on recovery. Relapse prevention includes identifying any trigger(s) that could possibly cause relapse as well as the following:

  • Learning how to decrease the potential impact of these triggers
  • Learning how to respond should the triggers occur

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention Services include an option of 1,2 or 3 year follow up protocols.