Fitness to Position Evaluation

Assessments that evaluate competency & suitability.

Encompass Leadership & Management Competencies Profile™ Assessments

Levels I & II

These assessments have a separate battery of tests for entry-level to business unit management and divisional management to senior management. Job analysis and key competency identification tools are also available.  The profile assessment includes a fit to position evaluation, situational interview and a multi-trait, multi-test battery which includes personality, motivation and cognitive performance. A one-on-one developmental feedback session is included for the candidate (1-1/2 hrs) as well as a  management briefing on candidate’s assessment profile and job fit.

Management Screening Assessment

The screening assessment is designed for rapid screening of larger pools of candidates to identify a small pool of eligible candidates to be evaluated for suitability. The assessment is focused on general management traits and characteristics. A brief, on-line application plus review and recommendation by an assessor is included. One-on-one developmental feedback sessions to candidates (telephonic or in person) are also included.

Non-Management Screening Assessment

These are designed for non-management populations in technical, administrative or project support and are customized by industry and job type. Brief, on-line applications are provided as well as a review and recommendation by the assessor.  These are designed to be part of other evaluation instruments or interviews.

Expatriate Assessments

These assessments are designed to evaluate psychological fitness for an overseas, cross-cultural placement or relocation to a remote setting. They contain an interview assessing background and cross-cultural experience. Multi trait, multi-test batteries assessing openness to new experiences, adaptability, stress tolerance and resilience, cognitive ability, leadership or management style, family functioning, cultural awareness and suitability for transition are involved. Individual, couple and family assessments are included. A comprehensive report detailing personality strengths and potential limitations during change and transition periods is produced at the conclusion of the assessment.

Custom Assessments

The Custom Assessments aid in the development of assessments and assessment batteries to meet special needs (i.e. firearms use, restaurant chefs and general managers).