Integrated Disability Management (IDM)

A variety of services designed to increase productivity.

Disability Management Services

  • Short Term Disability (STD) Case Management for Non-Occupational Illness/Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Management
  • Attendance Support Management
  • Workplace Accommodation Assist

STD Management Services

  • Case Adjudication
    For self-insured organizations we provide a timely review of medical documentation and recommendations regarding eligibility for disability benefits.

  • Medical & Claims Management
    OHN case managers take a proactive approach to assist ill or injured employees to return to their optimal level of functioning. Our process facilitates early intervention and early return-to-work, helping to maintain a positive connection to the workplace. We work within an integrated team of professionals (OHN, EAP and Occupational Physician) to effectively manage complex cases.

  • Return to Work
    Our OHN works closely with supervisors, HR representatives and employees to facilitate a safe and timely transition back to work. This process involves individualized plans that potentially include modified hours and duties.