Psychological Assessments & Treatment Services (PATS)

Timely access to assessments, prompt reporting and best-in-class clinical intervention.

Human Solutions™' Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services (PATS) yield quick access, prompt reporting and optimal outcomes for claimants suffering from mental and/or nervous disorders. We ensure your investment in the disability management process yields work-focused results that are diagnosis-specific.

Optimal Process

The delay in getting access to experts in order to diagnose and treat complex mental disorder claims is over. Human Solutions™ has developed a network and process to ensure prompt turnaround time to referral requests, reporting and treatment scheduling. We will have a fully qualified and credentialed clinician available within 3-5 business days. Assessment reports are available to Disability Case Managers within two to three business days after completion of the initial assessment appointment.

Optimal Assessment

Our assessments are focused on getting the diagnosis of the condition correct. We recognize the complex nature of mental and/or nervous disability-related absences and the systems that can interact with each other to affect disability outcomes.

Optimal Intervention/Treatment

Our registered psychologists are experts and uniquely qualified in areas of psychological assessment, mental health (evidence-based) treatment, and rehabilitation counselling. Each clinician delivers proactive interventions where recovery of work function and return-to-work are priorities of treatment.