Development Evaluation Coaching

Helping employees and the workplace.

Leadership and Management Practices Coaching

Human Solutions™ uses a multi-rater competency evaluation system (“Encompass 360°) that has 118 items and 24 competency scales.  It begins with an online application. A development coach is assigned for a total of four (4) sessions of interactive consultation.

360° Evaluation

This evaluation has multi-rater feedback for leaders and managers and an established 22 scale, 120 item inventory covering core leadership and management practices. Using this evaluation, behavioural items are easy to translate into learning objectives.  Human Solutions™ sets standards for each organization.

Career Transition Evaluation and Coaching Support

This is evaluation-based coaching for career transitions.  The evaluation includes an assessment of competencies, character, behavioural style, occupational and development interests.  Assessment results are reported with recommendations for direction and focus.  The individual and coach establish coaching objectives and an appropriate action plan based on these evaluation results.